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PAS Series

Type: F connectors show products


PAS1222011, 2 out.    PAS1222011
PAS1232011, 3 out.    
PAS1242011, 4 out.    PAS1242011

PAS2212(x)11 1 way taps
PAS2212111              PAS2212111
PAS2212211              PAS2212211
PAS2212311              PAS2212311
PAS2212411              PAS2212411
PAS2212511              PAS2212511

PAS2222(X)11 - 2 WAY TAPS
PAS2222111              PAS2222111
PAS2222211              PAS2222211
PAS2222311              PAS2222311
PAS2222411              PAS2222411
PAS2222511              PAS2222511
PAS2222611              PAS2222611

PAS2242(X)11 - 4 WAY TAPS
PAS2242211              PAS2242211
PAS2242311              PAS2242311
PAS2242411              PAS2242411
PAS2242511              PAS2242511

PAS2242(X)11 - 4 WAY TAPS
PAS2242811           PAS2242811
PAS2262811           PAS2262811
PAS2282811           PAS2282811

Code PAS1222011, PAS1232011, PAS1242011, PAS2212111, PAS2212211, PAS2212311, PAS2212411, PAS2212511, PAS222111, PAS2222111, PAS2222311, PAS2222511, PAS2222611, PAS2242211, PAS2242311, PAS2242411, PAS2242511, PAS2242811, PAS2262811, PAS2282811